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December 2009


Season of Surprises
[DJ Carey]

Everyone wants to be a child again, especially at Christmas. And while we all know that it's not possible—on so many levels—maybe once a year we can learn to let go.

Of course, I know the holidays are filled with obligations, rules and plans. The whirlwind begins in mid November with Thanksgiving preparations and no sooner are the dishes put away, Christmas rolls around. Yes, it's fun, but it's work. Admit it: with every moment of play comes a million moments of work. There's the "making a list and checking it twice" ordeal of never-ending shopping and wrapping (which I seem to always delay until the last possible moment). And what about decorating the house? You know I can't do a simple red-and-green theme! Food is a big part of the season, and that means a mix of tried-and-true favorites—but why not add a few new items just to mix it up? And a slew of parties is great fun, but what will I wear? I really can't "shop my closet" much more! And then comes Christmas Day, with presents and food and relatives.

But in all this, have we left any room for spontaneity? Have you ever experienced something so magical on Christmas because it wasn't planned? I will admit it had been a long time for me, but one Christmas a light snow began to fall and picked up in earnest as the day wore one. Soon the roads become treacherous, no one was going anywhere and the kids grew restless. They begged us to go sledding and the adults decided to throw caution to the wind—literally! We bundled up, grabbed the sleds and cruised up and down that hill until we all—kids and adults alike—were exhausted.

Suddenly Christmas seemed magical and I felt like a child all over again. My Christmas wish for you this year is simple: despite all your plans, leave room for spontaneity. You will experience the wonder of the season as only a child can. Go on, grab a sled—and embrace the kid within.

D.J. Carey
Editor in Chief

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