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January 2010


Winter Whites
[DJ Carey]

I look out my window and see a blanket of snow. Inches and inches of fluffy white cover the landscape. I love this canvas because you start to notice things that would otherwise fade into the background. The forsythia branches and boxwood parterres add texture and geometry to an otherwise shapeless scene.

Suddenly, all things white come racing into my head: The White Album by the Beatles (and the collection of essays of the same name by Joan Didion). White on White by Kazimir Malevich, the famous painting by the Russian Suprematist that hangs at MoMA. Wearing white linen in summer. Then I started thinking about one of my favorite decorating books, White by Bo Niles. To this day, as I turn the pages of this 1980s tome, I am struck by the freshness of the interiors. Whether a traditional farmhouse or a sleek, modern flat, each room looks as rich as any room filled with color.

The secret to creating such rich interiors is using many shades of white within the same space. A common mistake we see again and again is using white solely for its ability to make a small space look larger or a dark room look lighter. Worse is when homeowners choose white when they can't decide on a color scheme ("Let's just paint the walls white and be done with it!").

I am here to dispel such reasons. In this issue, we introduce you to three kitchens that were all designed with white in mind. None of them suffer from a homeowner's indecision; it's quite the opposite, in fact. In each case, white creates a sophisticated and beautiful design.

White is full of promise and meaning. In the West, it signifies hope, innocence and purity; the East, mourning. It's a wedding dress and clouds and the truce flag. White-out and whitewash; white knight and white sale. In all its forms, white is both strong and delicate, positive and negative, good and bad. Consider this line from London Snow by Robert Bridges: "And all woke earlier for the unaccustomed brightness of the winter dawning, the strange heavenly glare: the eye marveled—marveled at the dazzling whiteness."

D.J. Carey
Editor in Chief

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